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Meet your mods

lysistratah and fair_witness

Who are we? We're a couple of geek gals who love to cook. We think good food ranks right up there with a new computer or that new DVD or new video game we've been waiting for. We think cooking is fun, and we think everyone would really enjoy it if they'd give it a chance. We take requests! We can't guarantee results, but if there's something specific you'd like to learn how to cook, or if you have special dietary considerations, we'll do our best to help out. If we can't help, we'll say so.

Who aren't we? We're not professional chefs, food critics, dieticians, nutritionists, cooking show hosts, food scientists, or even nutritional anthropologists.

We'll do our best to give you good advice, but the only guarantee we can give is that you'll get an honest opinion from us. We may disagree on what is yummy and what is yucky, but you won't catch us saying chocolate is disgusting. (If you think chocolate is disgusting, that's fine. More for us!)

Why should you join?

Do you want to learn how to cook? Do you enjoy cooking, and do you like swapping recipes and helping out beginning cooks? Then click on that "join the community" link above.

What are the rules?

1. Obey LJ's terms of service.
2. Remember that we're here to talk about food and cooking. The mods aren't going to try and stop every cool tangent that happens in comments, but we do ask that your initial post have at least something to do with food and cooking.
3. Don't be mean. Anyone making fun of other people's lack of cooking skills will get a virtual rap on the knuckles via the mods. Break this rule too many times, and we'll get out the wooden spoon and ban you.
4. Long posts/posts with pictures, please put behind an lj-cut.

Visit our tags list! Anything designated "CHS" is one of our "Cooking High School" posts, where we cover some of the most basic cooking fundamentals.