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Geeks Who Cook
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June 2012
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Fair Witness [userpic]
Cheeky dishes

"Beef cheeks?" my husband asked this morning during our Sam's Club run. "They're cheap."

"Yeah, but I don't know how to cook them," I replied, but naturally, even though we left them sitting in the display case, my curiosity was piqued, so once we got home, I headed for the Google and for my Complete Meat Cookbook. Now I wish we'd taken a chance on what Aidells and Kelly call an "overlooked but delicious" cut of beef.

To summarize my findings, beef cheeks can be very tough, but in recent years they've become a gourmet delight because of their intense beef flavor. Favorite cooking methods include braising or stewing (pretty much in that order, from what I can tell). From what I can tell, if you know how to cook a pot roast, you can manage beef cheeks.

Anyone else out there experimented with beef cheeks? Next time we can buy a pack, I'm thinking of trying out this recipe. (Good excuse to break out my cast-iron Dutch oven.) I'm also wondering how this would do in the crockpot.

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Are beef cheeks actually made of, y'know, the animal's face?

I'm so darn squeamish.

I can't eat skin or bones, either. In the purity of my mind, all meat comes from a protein vat.

Yep, though you wouldn't know that by looking at the cut. It reminded me a bit of fajitas.

I love being an American. We get to be the pickiest eaters while pretending we're open minded and multicultural just because the strip mall up the street has a Thai, Cuban, Persian, and Chinese restaurant. Well, the strip mall close to me, but I live in a serious Foodie town.

Alas, I can't eat an animal's face. My imagination is too strong and ability for denial too weak. Sure, sure if you're going to kill it you shouldn't waste any, but remember, it all comes from a pain free protein vat.

No cheeks for you!

seanb made some the other week that were fabu. You can go over there and prod at him, if you'd like. Tell him I sent you.